We drive pledges to your Kickstarter campaign through targeted ads

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Crowdfunding is awesome. It gives creators like you the chance to get your ideas in front of millions of people, and raise money from those who love them. However, it's not as magical as it once was.

With hundreds of new products launching on Kickstarter and Indiegogo each week, it's become increasingly difficult to get your campaign infront of the right people. doesn't have to be that way.

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We drive pledges to your campaign

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Laser Focused Ads

We deliver laser focused Facebook ads to backers who share interests in your campaign.


Trackable Results

You see all of the pledges that we drive, in real time, on your campaign's dashboard.


Win-Win Model

We charge on the funds we drive to your campaign.

What our clients are saying

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Rockwell Razors

$98,915 Raised

“CrowdReach is a savvy new entrant to the crowdfunding marketing space that's laser-focused on delivering ROAS - they're definitely worth a shot!”

Gareth Everard, Co-founder of Rockwell Razors.


Jack by Podo Labs

$804,268 Raised

“CrowdReach were a pleasure to work with and got the results we wanted. We worked with several agencies but they are always the first I recommend to others.”

Eddie Lee, President at Podo Labs.



$1,021,481 Raised

“CrowdReach were so great to work with! They’re wonderful people, and it was so easy to get set up. Thank you, CrowdReach!”

Katherine Krug, Founder & CEO of BetterBack.

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