Get the answers that most creators don’t find out until after launching their campaign. 

How it works...

Almost all campaigns will encounter problems at some point during their funding period. Some only lose a few backers, whilst others lose hundreds. Let us find out what the Kickstarter community thinks before you launch, so there are no unexpected problems. We provide you with a full report covering the below topics.


Get an in-depth view on the Kickstarter community’s opinion of your product, campaign page, pricing and much more. We even find out how likely they are to pledge.


We can clearly  highlight any unforeseen difficulties the campaign might face and any barriers to sale that might prevent/put off potential backers from purchasing.


Get data-driven evidence on what imagery, messaging and product USP’s should be focused on. To improve the CTR and conversion rate for all your marketing and the campaign page. 



We’ve been fortunate enough to work with some of the greatest creators on Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Here’s what they have to say about us…

"CrowdReach were a pleasure to work with and got the results we wanted. We worked with several agencies but they are always the first I recommend to others."
"CrowdReach were great to work with. They're wonderful people and offer a fantastic service. Plus - it was so easy to get set up. Thank you CrowdReach!"
"Crowdreach's operation is very transparent. We were in control of our advertising budget at all times and we were able to clearly track our ongoing return on adspend."
"Double digit sales growth with CrowdReach. We were very satisfied with the performance and results we achieved together. Thank you for your services."

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